NFMA Awards

Year Recipient Affiliation Award
1984 Harlan Boyles Treasurer, North Carolina Industry Contribution
1985 William Solari DLJ Career Achievement
1985 State of Florida Division of Bond Finance Industry Contribution
1986 Sylvan Feldstein Merrill Lynch Analysts of the Year
1986 John E. Peterson Govt Fin Research Center, GFOA Industry Contribution
1987 Hyman Grossman Standard & Poor's Career Achievement
1988 Richard Ciccarone VKM Inv Advisory Analysts of the Year
1988 J. Chester Johnson Govt Finance Assoc Industry Contribution
1989 George Friedlander Smith Barney Analysts of the Year
1990 Mary Jo Ochson Federated Research Meritorious Service
1990 Katherine Bateman John Nuveen Meritorious Service
1990 G. Keith Quinney Bryant, Miller & Olive Meritorious Service
1991 Claire Cohen Fitch Investors Career Achievement
1991 Mass Water Res Auth   Industry Contribution
1991 Peter Fugiel John Nuveen Meritorious Service
1991 Susan Heide American Express Meritorious Service
1992 Maryann Romeo Orlando Aviation Authority Meritorious Service
1992 Bill Oliver Prudential Capital Mgmt. Analyst of the Year
1992 Jim Spiotto Chapman & Cutler Industry Contribution
1992 National Council of State Housing   Industry Contribution
1993 Robert Doty American Govt. Fin. Ser Industry Contribution
1993 Vicki Westall Edward D. Jones & Co. Meritorious Service
1993 Jim Gammon Loews Career Achievement
1993 Robert Chamberlin Dean Witter Reynolds Analyst of the Year
1994 GFOA   Industry Contribution
1994 Katherine Bateman John Nuveen & Co Industry Contribution
1994 Jeff Baker Chase Manhattan Bank Industry Contribution
1994 Bill Oliver Alliance Capital Mgmt. Industry Contribution
1994 Will Browne CS First Boston Meritorious Service
1994 Tom Buckmeyer Smith Barney Shearson Meritorious Service
1995 Robin Huntley Loomis, Sayles & Co Meritorious Service
1995 Muni Advis Council of TX   Industry Contribution
1996 Tom Kenny Franklin Advisors Meritorious Service
1996 Ann-Ellen Hornidge Mintz, Levin Industry Contribution
1996 Dick Larkin Fairmont Capital Advisors Award for Excellence
1996 Mary Metastasio SAFECO Meritorious Service
1997 CDIAC   Industry Contribution
1997 Rafael Costas Franklin Templeton Meritorious Service
1997 Trish DeFord T. Rowe Price Award for Excellence
1997 Chris Martin Smith Barney Award for Excellence
1997 Craig Atwater Moody's (Retired) Career Achievement
1998 Russ Fraser ACA Career Achievement
1998 Susan Drake State Street Meritorious Service
1998 Joe Mysak Grant Industry Contribution
1998 Gary Krellenstein Lehman Award for Excellence
1998 Bob Muller J.P. Morgan Award for Excellence
1999 Christopher Taylor SRB Industry Contribution
1999 Kurt van Kuller Merrill Lynch    Award for Excellence
1999 William Fish AIG  Career Achievement
1999 Judith Harvey Am Express Meritorious Service
1999 Alan Polsky Dougherty Summit Meritorious Service
1999 (posthumous) R. Neill Conkling Morgan Keegan Special Award for Service to Industry and NFMA
2000 Joe Rosenblum Bernstein Meritorious Service
2000 Lisa Good NFMA Meritorious Service
2000 Fitch IBCA   Industry Contribution
2000 Jordan Mellick Fitch Award of Excellence
2000 Peter Fugiel Nuveen Career Achievement
2001 John Clark Ramirez Industry Contribution
2001 John Goetz MFS Meritorious Service
2001 John Hallacy Merrill Lynch Award of Excellence
2001 Jerry Solomon Bear, Stearns Award of Excellence
2001 Paul Maco Vinson & Elkins Industry Contribution
2001 Kurt Larson IDS/American Express Career Achievement
2002 Alan Anders City of New York Industry Contribution
2002 James Lebenthal Lebenthal & Co., Inc. Career Achievement
2002 Thalia Meehan Putnam Meritorious Service
2002 David Hitchcock Standard & Poor’s Meritorious Service
2002 Ed Nahmias Capital Research Award of Excellence
2003 Phillip Fischer Merrill Lynch Award of Excellence
2003 Nancy Belz Federated Investors Meritorious Service
2003 Jeff Wilson Saybrook Capital Meritorious Service
2003 Governmental Accounting Standards Board   Industry Contribution
2003 Frank Rizzo Fitchratings Lifetime Achievement
2004 Ruth Levine Vanguard Meritorious Service
2004 Don Lipkin Bear Stearns Award of Excellence
2004 Paul Daniels Investortools Industry Contribution
2004 Robin Huntley Loomis Sayles Career Achievement
2005 Ruth Corson Maynard Fitch Ratings Career Achievement
2005 Mark A Ryan Citigroup Global Markets Award for Excellence
2005 Peter Bianchini XL Capital Meritorious Service
2005 Martha Mahan Haines SEC      Industry Contribution
2005 Peter Stettler Fitch Ratings Award for Excellence
2005 Karen Szerszen Allstate Meritorious Service
2006 Kendrick Anderson Evergreen Investments Career Achievement
2006 Charles Emrich T Rowe Price Meritorious Service
2006 Richard Moche Mintz Levin Meritorious Service
2006 Lynnette Hotchkiss TBMA Industry Contribution
2007 George Axlund Wyoming Community Development  Auth. Industry Contribution
2007 Donald King Cirillo Municipal Disclosure Advisors Meritorious Service
2007 Gerard J. Lian Morgan Stanley Meritorious Service
2007 Anne G. Ross Roosevelt & Cross Meritorious Service
2008 Southern Municipal Finance Society   Award of Excellence
2008 Erick Kimball, Esq Akerman Senterfitt Meritorious Service
2008 Greg Clark UniCredit Group Meritorious Service
2009 Sylvan Feldstein Guardian Life Career Achievement
2009 Tom Weyl Eaton Vance Meritorious Service
2009 Robert Vincent CalMuni Meritorious Service
2009 Mintz Levin   Industry Contribution
2009 Ben Watkins Director, Florida Div Bond Finance Industry Contribution
2010 Natalie Cohen National Municipal Research Meritorious Service
2010 Susan Dushock Bank of America Global Mgmt Meritorious Service
2010 MSRB   Industry Contribution
2010 Frank Hoadley State of Wisconsin Industry Contribution
2010 Ed Merrigan B C Ziegler & Co Award of Excellence
2010 John Brodzik Allstate Investments Career Achievement
2011 Mary Colby Charles Schwab Meritorious Service
2011 Richard Ciccarone McDonnell Investment Mgmt Career Achievement
2011 William Oliver AllianceBernstein Career Achievement
2011 (Posthumous) Amy Doppelt Fitch Ratings Industry Contribution
2012 Municipal Analysts Group of New York   Award of Excellence
2012 Joe Mysak Bloomberg Career Achievement
2013 Commonwealth of Massachusetts   Industry Contribution
2013 Gina M. Raimondo Rhode Island General Treasurer Industry Contribution
2013 Lisa Washburn Municipal Market Advisors Meritorious Service
2013 Cadmus Hicks Nuveen Asset Management Career Achievement
2014 James Spiotto Chapman Strategic Advisors LLC Industry Contribution
2014 Richard Raphael Fitch Ratings Career Achievement
2014 Mary Francoeur Assured Guaranty Meritorious Service
2014 Mark Stockwell Standish Mellon Asset Mgmt Meritorious Service
2015 Terence M. Smith Smith's Research & Gradings Industry Contribution
2015 Dean Michael Mead Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Award of Excellence
2015 Jason Kissane Assured Guaranty Meritorious Service
2015 Robert A. Kurtter Moody's Investors Service Career Achievement
2015 (Posthumous) Eric Vandercar Mesirow Financial Industry Contribution
2016 Colleen Woodell   Career Achievement
2016 Gilbert Southwell, III Wells Capital Management Meritorious Service
2016 Tom Kozlik PNC Capital Markets Industry Contribution
2016 Ron Mintz Vanguard Industry Contribution
2016 Bill Bonawitz PNC Capital Advisors Industry Contribution
2016 Stephen Winterstein Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors Industry Contribution
2017 W. Bartley Hildreth, Ph.D. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University Industry Contribution
2017 Michael Decker SIFMA Industry Contribution
2017 Geoffrey Buswick S&P Global Ratings Award of Excellence
2018 Virginia Housum UMB Bank Industry Contribution
2018 Kurt Forsgren S&P Global Ratings Meritorious Service 
2018 Tom Aaron Moody's Investors Service Award of Excellence
2018 Tim Blake Moody's Investors Service Award of Excellence
2018  Charles E. Emrich   Career Achievement 
2019 Gabe Petek CA Legislative Analyst's Office  Analytic Excellence
2019 Daniel Heimowitz Verify Financial Career Achievement
2019 Kristen DeJong Nuveen Rising Star
2019 Matt Fabian Municipal Market Analytics Industry Contribution
2019 Jennifer Johnston Franklin Templeton Investments Meritorious Service
2022 Neene Jenkins  JPM Chase Management Award of Excellence
2022 Emmanuelle Lawrence  Fitch Ratings Rising Star
2022 Betsy Shelton Charles Fish Investments, Inc. Meritorious Service
2022 Karen Daly KBRA Career Achievement
2023 Poonam Patidar Mintz  Meritorious Service
2023 Barbara VanScoy The Heron Foundation Industry Contribution
2023 Natalie Cohen National Municipal Research Career Achievement
2023 Chandra Ghosal Moody's Investors Service Rising Star
2024 James Dearborn DWS Investment Management Industry Contribution
2024 Christopher Mauro   Career Achievement
2024 Alexandra Cimmiyotti Moody's Ratings Rising Star